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My favorite moment:

I love the moment when I can look across a wedding reception to see the bride and groom on the dance floor with huge smiles on their faces, without a care in the world, surrounded by their family and friends.  It's that moment that I know I've accomplished what I am there for.

My Passion:

My passion is People pleasing.  Creating smiles.  Perfection.

My passion is making the time of your engagement one of the happiest times of your lives, not the most stressful.  Making sure moms, dads, brothers, sisters, best friends, and everyone else you love has just as stress-free a day as you do.  Making sure those people surround you on your day, instead of working.  Making the day of your dreams a reality, even if it's not fully formed in your head yet.  Making sure your day is about love, fun, happiness, celebration, and you.