Meet the Team: Whitney

Wedding Planner

In the Meet the Team Series, we want you to meet each team member from our lead coordinators to our event assistants. We want you to feel like you really know who we are here at Christina Burton Events and to get to know the ladies behind the scenes that make wedding magic happen! 

Today, we are introducing you to Whitney! 

Whitney is a lead coordinator at Christina Burton Events.

Whitney has spent the last 8 years planning graduations, birthdays, weddings, and more. She is a special education teacher during the day and a wedding planner by night!

Whitney loves getting to know each client and their inner circle. She wants to be able to be their brain on the day of, by getting to really know them, so there are no questions on the big day!

Whitney is a born leader who loves to plan and entertain. She cares about every little detail and wants to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. She cares about her clients and everyone they chose to invite to the day of their wedding and treats them like she would her own family and friends. 

One thing Whitney loves the most about working at Christina Burton Events is the love and the relationships she gets to build with the clients, their families, and friends. It truly takes a village to pull off a perfect day and she is so thankful for them.

Fun Facts: 

Whitney’s favorite place she has ever been to is Paris, France. She is forever a hopeless romantic. She describes it as truly a scene from a movie and her heart exploded over and over again! 

Whitney used to dance in the NBA for the Indiana Pacers! 

On a day off, Whitney can be found snuggled on the couch with her family or playing outside with her son.

You can learn more about our other team members here: Christina: Owner, Lead Coordinator, and Designer

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