Meet the Team: Emma

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In the Meet the Team Series, we want you to meet each team member from our lead coordinators to our event assistants. We want you to feel like you really know who we all are here at Christina Burton Events!

Today, we are introducing you to Emma! 

Emma is an event assistant at Christina Burton Events.

Emma’s background with weddings started in the Fall of 2017 when she started helping a florist friend with weddings, Her florist friend connected Emma with Christina Burton Events and she began working for the CBE team in April of 2018.

During the day Emma is a first-grade teacher at an elementary school in Indiana, and while the pandemic has made this year quite the roller coaster, it has been so much fun working with kids. She truly loves working events, so working for Christina as well has brought so much joy to her life!

Emma has a large family and she’s attended so many weddings throughout her life and she really just loves weddings. She loves the behind-the-scenes, the set-up, the bustle of making sure everything is perfectly placed and aligned. She loves seeing all of the puzzle pieces come together.

Emma’s favorite part of a wedding day is the moment right before the reception starts. This is when everything is all set up and there is a buzz in the air, while things are quiet and perfectly beautiful for just a minute. Her second favorite part is when the father of the bride gives a speech or toast, she always tears up at these moments because they are so incredibly meaningful!

Fun Facts: 

Emma was a piano teacher when she was in high school and college, and she still tries to practice in her free time.

Emma’s favorite places to visit are either San Fransisco or Paris, France. She went to San Francisco for her 30th birthday. She also went to Paris and she will never forget it! Paris is such a laid-back city, rich with history, and incredibly gorgeous. 

On a day off, Emma can be found sleeping in and then enjoying a cup of coffee with her favorite TV show or movie. Emma and her fiance also love to take spontaneous day trips to check out state parks close to Indianapolis!

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